Does the daycare center come for vaccinated children alone?

Does the daycare center come for vaccinated children alone?

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Majority of Germans for coupling daycare to vaccinations

Health experts have repeatedly criticized the fact that too few children receive measles vaccination in recent months. The lack of vaccination protection poses a threat to the general population. One measure to counter the problem could be to link daycare to vaccination. The majority of Germans are in favor of it.

Discussion about mandatory vaccination

Especially in connection with measles there is a lot of discussion about a possible vaccination in Germany. In Italy, such was introduced by law last year. There is also one in France - not only against measles, but also against several other infectious diseases. A majority of Germans would also welcome vaccination, but numerous experts are against it. They prefer education rather than vaccination. Pediatricians are now again advocating compulsory vaccination in Germany.

Eradicate teething permanently

The professional association of pediatricians (BVKJ) sees the current survey by the online market research institute "Civey", according to which four out of five Germans are in favor of coupling day care centers to vaccinations, as a clear mandate for politicians to finally introduce an obligation to vaccinate.

"We will only permanently eradicate dangerous childhood diseases in Germany if all children of one year are vaccinated," said BVKJ President Dr. Thomas Fischbach in a press release.

"Measles, diphtheria, chickenpox, polio and whooping cough epidemics that keep flaring up, but there will also be no life-threatening tetanus, and that's a good thing," said Fischbach.

Politics should create legal requirements

According to the BVKJ President, most Germans have now recognized this and are in favor of coupling daycare to vaccinations.

"If all children are vaccinated before going to daycare, the herd protection arises, which also protects the few children who cannot be vaccinated because of their young age or because of a serious immune disease," explained the doctor.

In his opinion, politics should “take the will of the citizens as an opportunity to create the legal conditions to link the attendance of day care centers to the obligation to vaccinate. Daycare centers could save a lot of bureaucracy if they were vaccinated. ”

According to the information, they currently have to report unvaccinated children to the health authorities. According to Fischbach, a corresponding law would make the work of pediatricians enormously easier.

“At present, insecure or skeptical parents are often unsettled by self-proclaimed experts. This makes our consulting work even more difficult, ”says the expert.

“Currently, bots and trolls are also campaigning internationally against vaccination. A mandatory vaccination requirement would put a stop to this type of disinformation, ”said the BVKJ President. (ad)

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