Caution: therefore never eat elderberries raw

Caution: therefore never eat elderberries raw

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Healthy elderberries must not be eaten raw

Black elderberry is extremely healthy, but you should never eat the berries raw. Because they contain the toxin sambunigrin, which can lead to health problems such as severe indigestion.

Elderberries are real bombs of vitamins

The black elderberry berries not only contain a lot of potassium and magnesium but also B vitamins and vitamin C. Together with other valuable ingredients such as flavonoids, they support important functions in the body. They also ensure a balanced mineral balance and contribute to strengthening the immune system. Elderberry is also recommended as a home remedy for iron deficiency.

Dangerous toxin

Raw elderberries also contain the poison sambunigrin. This can lead to severe indigestion such as vomiting, diarrhea and chills.

"Elderberries have to be heated to over 80 degrees for a short time in order to render the sambunigrin and other unhealthy substances harmless," explains Susanne Moritz, nutrition expert at the Bavarian Consumer Center in a message.

Much of the toxin is found in immature fruits. That is why elderberries should only be harvested when they are fully ripe. You can recognize this by the fact that red juice is leaking and there are no green spots inside.

"Ripe fruits contain less sambunigrin, but should not be eaten raw," says Moritz. (ad)

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