Every year, seven million people die from air pollution

Every year, seven million people die from air pollution

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Does polluted air now kill more people than tobacco use?

The World Health Organization warns that increasing air pollution kills seven million people worldwide every year and harms the health of billions. This could mean that air pollution could have a greater impact than tobacco use.

Air pollution has now taken such dramatic forms that around seven million people die each year as a result. In their press release, the WHO experts demand that effective measures are absolutely essential to contain the ever increasing air pollution.

Billions of people breathe poisonous air every day

More than 90 percent of the world's population suffers from toxic air pollution that has a drastic impact on human health. Children are particularly badly affected. The dangers of tobacco use have been well contained worldwide. Now is the time to take measures to tackle polluted air with similar success before air pollution becomes something like the new tobacco due to its deadly consequences, because the toxic air is inhaled by billions of people every day, explains the Director General of WHO Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

Children and babies are particularly at risk

Regardless of whether people are rich or poor, nobody can escape the dangerous effects of air pollution. Children and babies, whose bodies are still developing, are the most affected by the toxic air. Today 300 million people live in places where the polluted air values ​​are six times higher than the international guidelines.

Many deaths from air pollution can be avoided

Despite the epidemic of unnecessary, preventable deaths and disabilities, the effects of air pollution are often underestimated worldwide. People should ask what we actually do to our children through the polluted air. The answer to this is frighteningly clear: the polluted air threatens the future of our children, which should make us all very concerned, explains the WHO Director for Public Health and Environment Dr. Maria Neira.

Air pollution causes heart attacks and lung diseases

Air pollution is so severe in many urban areas that it causes more deaths than tobacco. Air pollution causes severe damage, such as cancer, heart attacks and lung diseases, which, however, could only be the tip of the iceberg, according to the experts. (As)

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