Study: Statutory health insurance companies better than private health insurance

Study: Statutory health insurance companies better than private health insurance

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Private health insurers lose compared to the statutory ones

Insured persons in the statutory health insurance companies often feel like second-class patients. Right? According to a current study, the answer is: no! Although insured persons with statutory health insurance have to wait longer for their specialist appointments, the overall protection provided by statutory health insurance schemes is more extensive than that of private insurance plans.

The health insurance study was carried out by the consulting company PremiumCircle and commissioned by the Greens in the Bundestag. The benefits of statutory health insurance (GKV) were compared with those of private health insurance (PKV) in over 100 criteria. The astonishing result: the statutory health insurers were ahead.

Inadequate protection for private individuals

PremiumCircle defined 103 minimum criteria for the study that, according to the experts, health insurance should cover. These criteria included, for example, outpatient and inpatient treatments, medication, cures, rehabilitation offers, dental treatment, transportation, preventive measures and vaccinations. According to the study, private insurance companies on average do not cover 27 percent of these criteria. In contrast, PremiumCircle was able to determine that only three percent of elementary benefits are not funded by statutory health insurance.

Here the private ones are at the forefront

There was a big difference, especially when it came to specialist appointments. GKV patients have to wait much longer on average for their appointments with a specialist than private insured people. Even with inpatient care in hospitals, private health insurance providers often do more because, for example, single-bed rooms are included in the health insurance benefits. In addition, the PKV scored points in dental treatment. When it comes to dentures, private insurance usually pays more costs.

Big differences in performance in private insurance

In the investigations, the tariffs of 32 PKV were examined. The cost of this insurance was between 480 and 730 euros per month. For some there was an excess of up to 1000 euros. The services that one receives for these contributions vary enormously between the providers. For example, the premium tariff of Barmenia covered 99 of the 103 elementary services. In contrast, only 32 of the 103 criteria are financed in Mecklenburgische Versicherung's most expensive tariff.

These benefits are better with statutory health insurance

The GKV clearly scored points for cures and rehabilitation offers. Almost half of the private insurance tariffs examined showed large gaps in financing. For example, in many PKV tariffs, inpatient rehabilitation after a hospital stay was not guaranteed. According to the study, deficits in care in private insurance also exist in the areas of palliative care, home nursing, psychotherapy and vaccination.

Statutory health insurance - better than its reputation

"The recurring claim that statutory health insurance is only second-rate is clearly refuted with this investigation," emphasizes Maria Klein-Schmeink, the health expert of the Greens parliamentary group to the editorial network Germany. (vb)

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