Tea research: For this reason, green tea is made much healthier by still mineral water

Tea research: For this reason, green tea is made much healthier by still mineral water

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How to make your green tea even healthier

Green tea is a drink that is associated with all kinds of positive health effects. Physicians have now found that green tea consumers benefit more from the drink's antioxidants if they use still water instead of tap water, from which calcium, magnesium and calcium have been filtered out, and in which the iron concentration has been reduced.

In their current investigation, scientists from the Department of Food Science at Cornell University found that antioxidants in green tea have a better effect when the tea is brewed with still water from bottles. The experts published the results of their study in the English-language journal "Nutrients".

More antioxidants in tea lead to a bitter taste

If you drink green tea so that your body can benefit from the drink's antioxidants, it can be beneficial to brew it with still water from the store, not tap water. So you can benefit more from the antioxidants in the drink. However, more antioxidants also make the tea taste bitter, the researchers say.

Subjects drank black and green tea in the study

A total of more than 100 subjects were recruited for the study. The participants were then asked to try black and green tea, which was brewed with bottled water, tap water and deionized water. In all tests, factors such as the brewing temperature, the container used, the time and the water-leaf ratio were compared. The scientists also measured the epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) content of the tea.

Would you prefer healthier tea or better taste?

The results of the study showed that the type of water used significantly influenced the taste of green tea. Participants preferred green tea when brewed with tap water because tap water produced a sweeter taste than was the case with bottled water. However, what was lost in taste was offset by health benefits. Brewing green tea with bottled water doubled the amount of EGCG, causing the bitter taste.

Differences in taste are too subtle in black tea

If you drink green tea because of its health properties, you should use bottled still water, says study author Professor Robin Dando from the Department of Food Science. If you drink your tea just because of the taste, tap water is better, the expert adds. The participants could not taste the difference with black tea, whether the drink was brewed with water from the tap or water from the bottle. Study author Melanie Franks from Cornell University added that average black tea users don't see the difference, the taste differences are too subtle.

Why is green tea healthier with bottled water?

Professor Dando assumes that the minerals in the tap water, such as calcium, iron, magnesium, sodium and copper, cause the brewed green tea to have a lower EGCG content. Bottled water, in which calcium or magnesium has been filtered out and in which the iron concentration has been reduced by one level, the EGCG can extract more efficiently, the doctor adds. With pure water you get more health benefits by consuming the tea. (as)

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