Expert interview: What everyone can do to prevent cancer

Expert interview: What everyone can do to prevent cancer

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At least 40 percent of all cancer cases are due to lifestyle

Almost half a million people in Germany develop cancer every year. According to experts, a large part of these diseases can be attributed to certain lifestyle factors. In an interview, a health expert explains how each individual can reduce their personal cancer risk.

Numerous diseases could be avoided

A few months ago, British scientists published a study that concluded that around four out of ten cancer cases could have been prevented if the sufferers had followed a healthier lifestyle. German researchers came to a similar conclusion in a study: almost 40 percent of cancer tumors are due to lifestyle and environmental factors. A health expert explains in an interview how to significantly reduce the risk of cancer.

Rising healing and survival rates

The University Clinic Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE) had a conversation with Professor Dr. on the occasion of World Cancer Day Carsten Bokemeyer, Director of the University Cancer Center Hamburg (UCCH) at the UKE, in which the expert explains how everyone can contribute to preventing cancer.

As the doctor explains, around 480,000 people are diagnosed with cancer each year in Germany alone. While cure and survival rates are increasing, there is no point in hoping that you will never be exposed to cancer.

“Everyone will be affected in the course of life, either within the family and friends or even themselves. I would therefore urge everyone to try everything they can to avoid cancer, ”says Professor Dr. Bokemeyer according to a message.

Factors such as smoking and lack of exercise promote cancer development

"At least 40 percent of all cancers can be attributed to lifestyle factors," says Prof. Dr. Bokemeyer.

Various studies have shown that factors such as smoking, poor nutrition, lack of exercise, too much alcohol and UV radiation promote cancer.

According to the doctor, in some cases the hereditary preload is added when family members have already developed certain types of cancer.

Healthy lifestyle and early detection measures

"A balanced, smoke-free lifestyle with a vitamin-rich and low-meat diet, daily exercise units, reduced alcohol consumption and responsible use of the sunshine help to prevent cancer," says Prof. Bokemeyer.

"When changing your lifestyle, it is important to move closer to your goal step by step and not to make big plans that may not be adhered to in the long term," explains the expert.

The use of early detection measures is also an important component - not only for families with inherited disorders - in order to be able to take action against the early forms of cancer, if necessary.

"There are a number of offers in our healthcare system that can be used for this," said the expert. (ad)

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