Solve this puzzle - It started as homework for Chinese school children

Solve this puzzle - It started as homework for Chinese school children

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The whole world is already puzzling

It started as homework for Chinese elementary school students, and now the whole world is trying this riddle. Some people are already desperate about this math problem and some are still sweating to find the right solution. Try your luck!

This word problem causes headaches

What started as a word problem for Chinese elementary school children is now causing headaches for many adults. The Twitter channel “China Focus” reports that this math task was given to Chinese students as homework. A very good challenge for elementary school students.


Two cats and a table, that's all you should have in mind for this puzzle. The height of the table is searched, but only with the height difference of both cats. A lot of people have problems with it on Twitter. Try your luck too.

Homework done in primary school should be easy to do. In any case, this math task is anything but easy to solve.

The solution

If you want to get the correct answer to the puzzle, you have several solutions to choose from. But only one of them is so simple that you can hardly believe it. You can simply add both lengths and then divide by two to get the result. Halve 260 cm (150cm + 110 cm) and you have the result.

To illustrate the whole thing in a formula, here is a brief illustration. Let us take x as the height of the sitting cat and y as the height of the lying cat and z as the height of the table. Then for the left side of the picture z + x - y = 150 cm. For the right side, z - x + y = 110 cm. If we now combine both formulas, then 2z = 260 cm, i.e. 1z = 130 cm. The right solution is: 130 centimeters.

Solution C is the right answer! (fm)

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