Watermelon: The perfect snack on hot summer days

Watermelon: The perfect snack on hot summer days

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Watermelon is an underestimated fruit

Summer time is also watermelon time. As a refreshing snack in between, the watermelon is very popular in summer. Due to the very sweet taste, the fruit is often said to have a very high fructose content. A prejudice that does not do justice to this true all-round talent. Because the watermelon is very healthy and has a fructose content of 3.9 milligrams per 100 grams less fructose than an apple.

As the name suggests, the watermelon consists mainly of water, namely about 95 percent. It has therefore long served as an important source of water in some very dry regions of Africa. In this country, too, people can benefit from the positive properties of melons.

Minerals and vitamins in watermelon

Especially on warm summer days we have an increased need for fluids. Here comes the consumption of watermelon. But it's not just the high water content that makes watermelon an ideal snack for the summer. 100 grams of watermelon contain only 38 kcal, which is very little compared to 100 grams of apple with 52Kcal. Nevertheless, the melon can score with many vitamins and minerals. Only 100g of watermelon covers 26 percent of our daily vitamin B5 requirement. Vitamin A, the so-called beta carotene, is also present with a high proportion and 100 grams of the fruit cover our daily requirement of this vitamin to 12 percent.

The kernels are also healthy

Furthermore, the zinc and iron contained strengthen our immune system and the high water content in connection with vitamin B5 ensures good cell renewal and a healthy complexion. Various vitamins such as vitamins A, B and C are also in the kernels; they contain valuable minerals such as iron, calcium and magnesium and fiber that promote digestion. Therefore, the watermelon seeds are healthy, ideally they should be chewed to avoid the risk of intestinal inflammation.

Not just a pleasure

Overall, watermelons are the ideal refreshment on hot days. In addition, varied forms of preparation can be tried. Whether pure or as a summer salad, for example seasoned with finely chopped mint, feta, olive oil, salt and pepper - the watermelon is a healthy addition to the menu. (fp)

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