This new method removes the HIV code from the DNA and enables holistic healing

This new method removes the HIV code from the DNA and enables holistic healing

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Can HIV be cured in the near future?

Much progress has been made in the treatment of HIV in recent years. Researchers have now managed to cut the HIV code out of the DNA and thus prevent the disease from replicating itself endlessly. This led to the fact that the disease can be cured in mice.

A recent study by the University of Nebraska found that combined treatment with removal of the HIV code from DNA in mice cured the disease. The results of the study were published in the English-language journal "Nature Communications".

Combination of two treatments led to success

The findings could lead to the fact that studies on non-human primates and possibly also clinical studies on human patients can begin within a year, report the authors of the study. The new method combines two treatments, a special long-term antiretroviral therapy (also known as LASER ART) and CRISPR-Cas9. In short, the first treatment suppresses HIV over a long period of time, and the second removes large pieces of HIV DNA from infected cells.

Mice could be cured of HIV

Genetically modified mice, which are particularly susceptible to HIV, were infected with the virus and then treated with the two methods. In about a third of the HIV-infected mice, the combination of the two treatments completely eliminated the disease. This innovative treatment would not have been possible without an exceptional team effort, to which virologists, immunologists, molecular biologists, pharmacologists and pharmaceutical experts have contributed, the researchers report. This groundbreaking discovery was only achieved by pooling the available resources.

More research is needed

Maybe people could benefit from this new form of treatment in the near future. The study shows that combined virus suppression and removal treatment is necessary to cure HIV infection. Hopefully, further research will lead to the future development of a treatment for people that will free them of their HIV infection. Such treatment could enable many people to live a normal life and protect them from premature death. Until then, more research is needed. (as)

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