Japanese water diet: success in losing weight while strengthening health

Japanese water diet: success in losing weight while strengthening health

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Weight Loss: Japanese water therapy helps you lose weight

Japanese water therapy is a method used to combat various health problems. This diet also helps with weight loss. We explain how it works.

Lose weight and improve health

Water is essential. Nutrition experts are usually advised to consume at least 1.5 liters of fluid a day. With heat or heavy physical exertion even more. Some nutritionists also recommend starting the day with a glass of lukewarm lemon water to boost your metabolism and boost your immune system. In Japan, many follow this advice. A certain type of water therapy is practiced there, which is known to contribute to weight loss and improved health.

Drink water as soon as you wake up

As explained on the "NDTV Food" portal, Japanese water therapy helps clean the stomach and strengthens the digestive system.

Traditional Japanese medicine recommends drinking the water as soon as you wake up in the early morning.

This not only helps with weight loss, but also with the treatment of various health problems.

In an article on LinkedIn, nutritionist Victoria Udoh wrote that studies have shown that drinking water on an empty stomach in the morning cleanses the body's own system.

According to the expert, water therapy relieves symptoms such as constipation and high blood pressure and can also help with diseases such as diabetes.

And it helps to reduce stress.

This is how the water therapy works

The "NDTV Food" portal explains how Japanese water therapy works:

As soon as you wake up in the morning, drink four to six glasses of water, each containing 160 to 200 milliliters, on an empty stomach. The water should ideally be drunk at room temperature or lukewarm. You can also squeeze in some fresh lemon juice.

Brush your teeth after drinking and avoid eating or drinking for at least 45 minutes. After that, you can continue your diet as usual.

Do not eat or drink for at least two hours after each meal of the day.

Older people suffering from a serious illness should start therapy with a glass of water a day and gradually increase the number of glasses.

If you are unable to drink all four glasses of water at a time, wait a few minutes between each glass of water to give your stomach a break.

Daily routine

The therapy recommends making the above tips part of the daily routine.

The portal also refers to further recommendations:

Take a leisurely walk for at least an hour each day to boost your metabolism.

Gargle with warm water and salt at least 4-5 times every night before going to bed.

Avoid eating and drinking while standing as this will hamper the digestive process.

Chew your food properly before swallowing it, as it helps better digest food.

Feeling of hunger is reduced

German experts point out that drinking water frequently reduces the feeling of hunger, but you shouldn't expect miracles from the water diet.

The success largely depends on the individual design of the diet, i.e. the implementation of the meal plan and the physical activity.

It is positive that this method, which can not really be called a diet, is not expected to have a yo-yo effect because it does not specify a strict program. (ad)

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