Flour recall: Moths and webs discovered - manufacturer recalls products

Flour recall: Moths and webs discovered - manufacturer recalls products

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Manufacturer recalls flour and meal products because of moths

The company Hegnacher Mühle from Waiblingen / Hegnach (Baden-Württemberg) has started a recall for flour and meal products because it could contain moths or their webs. The company points out that grain products are always vulnerable to pests.

As the Hegnach mill reports on its website, it may be that moths or their webs are found in the company's ground products. "These are flours and meals with a best before date of July 13, 2020," the company writes.

Moths have proliferated due to the heat

"The extreme heat this spring led to a large increase in the moth population," reports the company. According to the information, the mill was therefore thoroughly cleaned in July and August. However, despite numerous monitoring and control measures, the products could be partially contaminated.

"Please check your stocks at home," the company writes. If the goods do not appear to be in perfect condition, no matter which expiry date, they can be exchanged either in the mill shop or in the respective markets. “Grain milling products are always susceptible to pests. Unfortunately, it is not possible to guarantee 100% product safety here, ”says the customer information.

Natural help against food moths

Even in private households, food is infested with moths. In order to prevent this as far as possible, it is advised to check containers and cupboards thoroughly every now and then for traces of flour moth and then to clean them thoroughly with vinegar cleaner. Attaching fly screens in front of the windows can also help, so that the little animals don't even come into the house.

In addition, some home remedies for food moths are recommended, such as bay leaves and cloves. Because food moths don't like their smell. Insect sprays are generally discouraged as they contain chemical insecticides. These are not harmless to health and should not be used, especially in the vicinity of food. (ad)

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