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Effective home remedies for mosquitoes

Effective home remedies for mosquitoes

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Mosquitoes - this is usually referred to as mosquitoes - can be a nuisance. They take away the joy of the longed-for end of the day outdoors or rob you of a well-deserved sleep. A wide variety of agents are on the market to protect against these pests. There are some home remedies for mosquitoes, not all equally effective, but of course and when used correctly without side effects.

Mosquitoes - which attract them

Mosquitoes especially feel comfortable in the vicinity of water and when warm. Most species rely on blood meals for their reproduction. They are attracted by the carbon dioxide contained in the exhaled air of humans. But they are also attracted to sweat, the smell of worn socks and dark colors. The statement that mosquitoes primarily follow the light is controversial. So now there is an opinion that the mosquitoes are based on the light, but are primarily attracted by smells. They like to stay near pools and ponds in summer.

Pour away water regularly

In order to defend against mosquitoes, the rain barrel in the garden should be completely emptied regularly. The water should be removed as often as possible from other vessels, such as coasters of flower pots. Bird baths are best cleaned regularly to avoid creating a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

A simple home remedy for the spread of mosquito larvae in the rain barrel is a mixture of a tablespoon of good cooking oil and one or two drops of cinnamon oil. This is given to the water. The cooking oil changes the surface tension, which prevents the mosquito larvae from staying there and the cinnamon oil acts as a natural insecticide.

Birds eat mosquitoes

Since birds eat mosquitoes and their larvae, a nesting box set up in the garden offers protection from the bloodsuckers.

Pond in the garden

An intact ecosystem in the garden pond naturally protects against mosquitoes. Certain types of fish, such as the well-known goldfish, eat mosquitoes and mosquito larvae. Back swimmers are water bugs that settle in the pond themselves and also devour the stinging beasts. What also helps is movement in the water. This is made possible by a hot stone or a water fountain.

Repel mosquitoes with essential oils

When buying essential oils, it is essential to pay attention to quality. Synthetic oils can cause allergies and damage your health. If there are infants in the room, essential oils should be avoided. Caution should also be exercised with cats and dogs. The sense of smell of animals is much more sensitive than that of humans. It is best to keep the pets in another room during the evaporation.

If the oils are applied to the skin, they must always be diluted with a carrier oil. An application in pure form is hazardous to health. Almond oil, sesame oil, calendula oil or olive oil are used as carrier oil. The coke oil should also be mentioned here, as this can have a protective effect or as a home remedy for mosquitoes without any additives.

Danger: We test ourselves whether we are allergic - for example in the elbow or on the forearm. If the skin turns red, swells or itches, then we keep our hands off this mixture.

Essential oils - evaporation

Both in the home and outdoors, essential oils are good home remedies to protect against mosquitoes. These include oils such as citronella, cinnamon, rosemary, lavender, lemon grass, cedar, eucalyptus, lemon, clove, scented geranium, incense, tea tree, laurel and especially neem.

In order to defend against the pests, there is not the only right oil or the only right mixture. Most of the time, this just has to be tried, with a few basic things to consider. Not much helps! For a vaporization of essential oils in the aroma lamp, four drops are sufficient in an approximately 20 square meter room.

Under no circumstances should the room be scented all day. After an hour or two there must be a break. The following applies to the bedroom: ventilate during the day and let the aroma lamp burn for an hour in the evening before going to sleep - never while you are sleeping.

Essential oils on the skin

To protect against the attack of mosquitoes, a mixture can be made from a carrier oil (see Essential Oils - General) and one or more of the essential oils mentioned, which is applied to the arms, legs and possibly the neck.

With fifty milliliters of carrier oil, four drops of essential oil are completely sufficient. Important: Before the mixture is rubbed in over a large area, it must be tested on a small area of ​​skin, for example in the elbow or on the forearm. The oil mixture must not be used if there is redness, swelling, itching or burning. Infants and young children must be excluded from this treatment.

Mosquito protection with the right clothes

Probably the simplest home remedy for mosquitoes is the right clothing. It is often said that yellow attracts pests, others say that mosquitoes love red. In any case, light (beige, white) and above all loose clothing made of firm fabric (e.g. linen), which should cover the majority of the body area, is recommended.

Outdoor tractors use mosquito hats. A net covers their faces, but at the same time we can see without problems. The dream catchers, a network of twigs, grasses and plant fibers, did not hang Indians behind the car mirror, but put them over their babies' faces to keep insects away.

Herbs on the windowsill

Certain herbs on the windowsill are easy to use and sometimes quite effective. These include basil, chives and lemon balm. Not only are popular culinary herbs always at hand, but at the same time the mosquitoes are kept in check. This is definitely worth a try.

A tomato plant on the windowsill can be used as a simple home remedy for mosquitoes. Their leaves exude a smell that the mosquitoes avoid.


Smoking is not only something mystical, it can also be used to treat mosquitoes. This is how dried sage leaves are triturated and lit in a fire-proof bowl. This glows and emits a smell that the mosquitoes don't like. If you want to have the same effect more easily, get incense sticks, which can be used both in the apartment and outdoors. Here too, as with essential oils, care must be taken to ensure purity and quality.

General tips against mosquitoes

To protect against mosquitoes, attaching fly screens in front of the windows helps. Another option for the night is sleeping under a mosquito net. It is best to have only one opening. Suitable mosquito nets are available for children and babies, which can also be attached outside over the pram or the bed.

Perfume, strong-smelling deodorant and fabric softener should be avoided. The fragrances could attract the beasts. But bad smell like sweat or smelly socks also attracts the blood-sucking pests.

Travelers in South America know the ubiquitous smoke fires in jungle villages. The smoke keeps the mosquitos at a distance, and some travelers always have a cigar in their mouth. “Sacred” sage fires in the Native Americans not only have a mystical meaning, but also work against the mosquitoes, because they shy away from the smell. In the apartment, we can grate dried sage leaves and ignite them in a fire bowl with charcoal. The sage then slowly glows. Garlic, hanging in the room, keeps the mosquitoes away.

Mosquitoes don't like the smell of garlic or cabbage. The diet should therefore be rich in thiamine (vitamin B1). This is mainly found in whole grains, walnuts, legumes, salmon, potatoes, broccoli and asparagus. (sw)

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Susanne Waschke, Barbara Schindewolf-Lensch


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