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The best tips and home remedies for erectile dysfunction

The best tips and home remedies for erectile dysfunction

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Natural home remedies for potency problems

When talking about erectile dysfunction, most of us involuntarily think of male erectile dysfunction. A lack of sexual strength and a lack of desire for sex also count, which affects women at least as often as men. Sexual energy (libido) can be strengthened by natural home remedies as well as potency - unless there are organic diseases behind the complaints, which then require medical clarification.

Precisely because age, in addition to organic disorders and stress, plays the main role in causing potency problems, preventive home remedies should be used preventively at a young age.

Natural aphrodisiacs

The term “aphrodisiaka” comes from the Greek and means “belonging to love”. This mostly includes herbal and animal medicinal and food products that are intended to increase sexual experience as well as to strengthen the function of the sexual organs. Not least because of the early Christian and thus sexuality-negating influence of traditional Western medicine, most of the known home remedies for increasing the potency of experience medicine from Far Eastern and Indigenous traditions come from. They are used to strengthen the libido and reproductive capacity of both sexes and to maintain them for as long as possible.

Local culinary herbs

Nature offers some domestic culinary herbs to increase potency. These can be integrated into the daily kitchen or taken as tea, tincture and fresh juice. In the case of Lovage the name already describes the main function of the plant as "love herb". Today, it is assumed that it can only ignite sexual excitement through its maggie-like scent, but does not actually increase potency.

Herb and roots of the parsley are said to have a predominantly stimulating effect on the female genital organs, while especially men in southern Europe have always sworn by the sex-enhancing effect of garlic.

Have in Hungary Nettle seeds the reputation of an effective sexual enhancer and sexual enhancer - which may be due to the hormone-like compounds it contains.

How to prepare a stimulating nettle seed wine:
    1. Put 50 grams of seeds (collected yourself or from the pharmacy) in 0.75 liters of high quality
      White wine
    2. Now close the bottle tightly and let it stand for three weeks, shaking well several times a day
    3. After straining, add 100 grams of cold-blown honey

Important: The wine should be kept cool and used up within a month.

Natural erectile dysfunction from China

China is probably the most famous medicinal plant in China ginseng-Root to the herbal erectile dysfunction. The best quality has always been said to have roots from Korea and Manchuria. According to the understanding of traditional Chinese medicine, ginseng is considered a tonic of the five viscera, which calms the mind, strengthens the body and extends life. Chinese men in particular are still relying on its strong potential-enhancing effects to this day. Good quality ginseng preparations are available in pharmacies and health food stores.

The angelica root is known to have a strengthening effect on the female sexual organs and an excellent influence on the ability to conceive. Her Chinese name is "tang-kuei", which means "must return". According to the old tradition, a woman turns "by taking Angelika" to her husband ", which is probably a sign of increased pleasure. The plant can be prepared as a decoction with water or milk. For this, two teaspoons of cut root (from the pharmacy) are boiled in 0.25 liters of water or milk for 30 minutes on a low flame.

Calamus (Acorus calamus), originally from Asia, is known to have a positive effect on blood circulation and has a relaxing effect. The old medicinal plant has therefore been used for thousands of years in Asia and the Arab world to increase the power of love.

For one Calamus tea the root of the medicinal plant is poured with cold water so that the valuable ingredients remain.
  1. Pour a teaspoon of the crushed calamus root into a quarter liter of cold water
  2. Let the neck steep for eight hours and then strain it
  3. Drink two to three cups of the cold drink a day

Danger: Because of its possible carcinogenic effects, calamus is not suitable for long-term use and should not be used for diarrheal diseases.

Animal aphrodisiacs

In ancient China, various representatives from the animal kingdom also found their way into the prescriptions of famous doctors. The dragonfly was one of the aphrodisiacs, which are said to accelerate the male erection and to delay the ejaculation.

In the poisonous white secretion from the head glands of certain toads, which is called “ch'an-su” in Chinese, besides adrenaline, the active ingredient bufagin is said to be responsible for the aphrodisiac effect. As a homeopathic preparation, Bufo D6 can help with impotence.

Ayurvedic "love recipes"

If you like it Indian and like to cook, you will get your money's worth three times when preparing a ten-course love menu. In Martin Suter's novel "The Cook", almost everything revolves around the development of an Ayurvedic "Love Menu", the recipes of which he provides in the appendix to the book.

The following Ayurvedic recipes, which should have a stimulating effect, are somewhat easier - even for inexperienced users:

Yogurt aphrodisiac
  1. Dissolve 1 tsp whole cane sugar and cold-flung honey in 100 g organic yogurt by slowly stirring
  2. Crush three black peppercorns and 3 cardamom capsules (if they are fresh)
  3. Put the spices in the yoghurt shortly before serving and enjoy at room temperature

Furthermore, in Auyurveda, for example, as aphrodisiac foods:

  • Asparagus,
  • Grapes,
  • ripe mangoes,
  • Almonds,
  • Dates,
  • Coconut pulp,
  • pumpkin
  • and peas known.

In contrast, the potential-increasing spices include:

  • Saffron,
  • nutmeg
  • Cardamom,
  • licorice
  • and honey

An incense stick with a sandalwood scent should not be missing at mealtime to offer a strong aphrodisiac to the sense of smell.

Recipe for an asparagus aphrodisiac
  1. Boil 500g of white and green asparagus bubbling in 2 liters of water for 30 minutes
  2. Take out the sticks and boil the remaining liquid in half on a low flame
  3. Then the broth is seasoned with a little cane sugar and cardamom powder and drunk lukewarm

Healing stones against sexual problems

The deep red garnet is placed on the root chakra and the solar plexus in order to develop its activating effect on the internal and external sexual organs. Regularly used to alleviate potency problems. The garnet is known not only in the area of ​​sexuality to strengthen stamina.

The Dioptas is also traditionally used for sexuality problems. As a “stone of fullness”, it is not only able to strengthen the physical regenerative power but also imagination and depth of feeling. The Dioptas works best through the heart chakra and can be carried in a small bag or as a chain on the chest.

Aromatherapy for potency problems

Smells have a strong effect on our subconscious, so aromatherapy has proven itself in many cases of erectile dysfunction and sexual discomfort. The scents that provide relaxation and stimulation for men include ginger, caraway, sandalwood and cardamom. Women who want to increase their sexual desire should use iris, neroli or jasmine.

You can get the essential oils contained in the spices in the drugstore or pharmacy. Drip two to five drops (depending on the size of the room) into the water of an aroma lamp - which you should place where you want to have sexual intercourse for an optimal effect.

Prevention: The best way to protect yourself against potency problems

  • Drink as little alcohol as possible. Although this often causes a short-term increase in desire, it damages the ability to have an erection and orgasm.
  • Quitting or reducing smoking is always a good idea to prevent or eliminate erectile dysfunction. Because the nicotine contained in cigarettes has a negative effect on the blood flow to the genital organs.
  • Exercise regularly - but not over the top. Because movement and activities such as Jogging or swimming ensure physical fitness and cause the body to release more natural sex and happiness hormones (endorphins).
  • Avoid run-in rituals such as the specified “Saturday evening sex” because this can quickly lead to boredom and frustration. In order to increase desire and excitement, you should try to bring more spontaneity back into everyday life and have "unplanned" sex as often as possible.
  • Always keep an eye on your personal stress level. Because permanent tension, fears, worries, grief and conflicts are often the reason for sexual discomfort and erectile problems.
  • If the inner restlessness and discomfort increase, various techniques and measures to reduce stress offer relief. Have proven successful here, for example mental exercises, sports or relaxation methods such as Yoga or autogenic training.
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