Jewelry recall from KIK due to high nickel load

Jewelry recall from KIK due to high nickel load

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Bracelets contaminated with nickel can trigger and promote allergies

The Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety and the textile discounter KIK warn of fashion jewelry that exceeds the permissible limit values ​​for nickel. Wearing the bracelets is strongly discouraged, as this can trigger allergic reactions. The affected products will be recalled.

KiK Textilien und Non-Food GmbH is recalling the article "Bracelet, elastic with shiny pearls in silver and gold" with order number 1058144 and WGR number 592. The nickel values ​​in the product could be too high, which could trigger allergies. The bracelets were sold at KIK for 1.00 to 1.99 euros.

The bracelets should no longer be used

KIK and the Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety recommend that you stop wearing the bracelets. Buyers can hand over the affected goods to any KIK branch. The purchase price will be refunded there. The KIK service hotline is available at 0049 (0) 2383 / 95-4521 if you have any questions. However, according to KIK, this service is not free of charge, but is charged at least three cents per minute from the fixed network.

Exposure leads to sensitization

The Federal Environment Agency also warns against contact with nickel: "Nickel-induced allergic skin diseases such as allergic contact dermatitis arise after previous sensitization," the office writes. Dermatitis eczematosa is relatively common in the general population. It is estimated that between ten and 15 percent of all women and approximately two percent of all men are sensitized to nickel.

What symptoms can nickel cause?

If there is nickel sensitization, allergic reactions can occur at the contact points with the skin. In acute form, there are often inflammatory skin changes, swellings, papules and / or vesicles, which can form oozing erosions when patted.

If there is a chronic form of allergic contact dermatitis, there can also be a variety of scattering reactions, which often affect the eyelids, soles of the feet, the neck or the elbows, for example. (vb)

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