Breaststroke: This relieves the muscles

Breaststroke: This relieves the muscles

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Back fit in the fresh air

Swimming is high on the list of the most back-friendly sports. However, not every swimming style is equally good for the back and you can make mistakes. Experts explain why you should dive into the breasts every now and then. You have even more tips to get through summer with a fit back.

Warm temperatures, sun rays and fresh air: outdoor exercise is more fun in summer than going to the reopened gym or home workouts. There are many ways to move outdoors - but not every sport is equally back-friendly. The Healthy Back Campaign (AGR) e. V. explains in a message how summer sports are good for your back.

Relief of the muscles

Movement in the water is particularly good in the summer heat and is also gentle on the joints and back-friendly. Backstroke is considered the healthiest swimming style, according to the AGR in an older message, but breaststroke swimming is the most common and most commonly used.

The symmetrical movements promote a healthy back regardless of swimming style. Nevertheless, it is worth paying attention to a few things. So it makes sense when swimming breaststroke to break the monotony and to submerge in between. In the meantime, the head is stretched and the spine is extended - this relieves the muscles.

When crawling, the focus is on not putting too much strain on the shoulders due to the frequent arm movements. This works by not only turning the head, but the whole body during side breathing.

And when swimming in the back, the head should not be put too far back. If you don't like swimming, you can also try aqua aerobics. According to the experts, this also has positive effects on muscles and joints.

Yoga and back workouts

Yoga also strengthens the back and addresses certain muscle groups. In addition, the combination of gentle movements and conscious breathing not only makes you more flexible, but also relaxes and ensures a balanced mind. In summer you can do yoga or back workouts quite well outdoors. Because whether in the garden or in the park - there is space for a sports mat everywhere and at the same time you can fill up with vitamin D.

Jogging and Nordic Walking

If you like it even more active, you can choose a nice running route. When jogging, the back is trained and it can even have a preventive effect. At the same time, running strains the intervertebral discs and joints. Before you start, according to the AGR, stabilization exercises such as the forearm support make sense for a strong middle of the body. Stretching can relieve existing tension.

In addition to suitable running shoes that are geared towards your own running style, the running technique is decisive according to the experts. Many people sit on the floor with the heel or ball of the foot and thereby promote back problems. On the other hand, if you put pressure on the midfoot, the forces acting while jogging can be better absorbed.

If you already have back problems or are overweight, you should go for Nordic Walking. This gets the circulation going. Even movements and the use of the sticks are also gentle on the joints. Hiking is also an option - and is twice as much fun in good summer weather. If you want, you can also use walking sticks to relieve muscles and joints, just like with Nordic Walking. (ad)

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