Corona crisis: 50,000 cancer surgeries have not been performed

Corona crisis: 50,000 cancer surgeries have not been performed

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Corona: Care for cancer patients suspended

In March it was decided to postpone all planned operations in Germany as far as this is medically justifiable. This measure should ensure that there is sufficient capacity for the treatment of coronavirus diseases. Now it is reported that in the course of the corona pandemic around 50,000 cancer surgeries in Germany have also failed.

The corona crisis has led to drastic measures in many hospitals. They had to change their operations and cancel numerous operations. The care of thousands of cancer patients has also been suspended.

Supportive measures massively reduced

According to the German Cancer Aid, around 50,000 cancer operations have not taken place due to the corona pandemic. That is almost a quarter of all cancer surgeries in the pandemic window until mid-June.

"Even supportive measures for cancer patients, from psychosocial care to palliative care, were sometimes brought down extremely in the clinics," said Cancer Aid President Gerd Nettekoven of the "Augsburger Allgemeine".

The clinics and medical practices are also pushing ahead a large bow wave of postponed therapeutic and diagnostic measures. "At some point, this can lead to life-threatening situations for cancer patients," warned the expert.

Situation further tense

Nettekoven disagreed with the statements that the main reason for this was that patients did not come to the clinics and practices for fear of infection. "If 50,000 cancer surgeries have failed, it has nothing to do with the fact that the patients would not have come to the hospital."

The situation has eased somewhat again, but is still tense. "This also applies to early cancer detection: unfortunately we fear that we will soon be faced with patients who are diagnosed very late," he said. (ad; source: dpa)

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